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Nr. 4/2015, Vol. 22

A New Step

in Sharing Medical Experience

Medicina ModernĂ£

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A History of an Old and Still New Disease: Urinary Lithiasis

Dan Mischianu, Dan Spinu, Cătălin Pricop, Ovidiu Bratu

We believe that with the apparition of the first settlements and the act of eating also appeared the first potentially urinary lithiasis patients. One of the “leading minds ” [1] of the twentieth century, Margaret Mead (1901-1978), renowned anthropologist used to say “it is easier to change a nation religion rather its eating habits “.
We believe that reminding the famous phrase “tooth for tooth ” (Exodus 21: 24) it will only complicate things without enrich our historical approach to this suffering.
Human know-ledge regarding this disease has advanced slow and even now we can not say that we know everything. A Renaissance Polimath…[more...]

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Modern Diagnostic Approach of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Children and Adolescents – Experience of a Single Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Center

Claudia Dita, Anca Colita, Mirela Asan, Anca Gheorghe, Constantin Arion

The authors analyzed a cohort of 33 children and adolescents (<18 years of age) consecutively admitted in the Pediatric Clinic of Fundeni Clinical Institute, diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) and treated in the period of time 09.01.2008-12.31.2011.
They discuss the role of modern techniques for diagnosis and risk stratification (immunophenotyping, cytogenetics, molecular biology) and present the results of their analysis, aiming to establish useful correlations for clinical management of cases.
Introduction of new diagnostic methods allows a better therapeutic approach of cases,
leading to superior event-free survival …[more...]

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Economic Impact of Early Detection and Treatment of Skin Cancer on the Health Care System

Laura Raducu, Diana Ruxandra Sinescu, Cristina Nicoleta Cozma, Iulia Cristina Filip, Cristian Radu Jecan

Skin cancer have an increasing incidence and high costs for the public health care system. The objectives proposed for fulfilling the research study goals are: evaluation of management for patients with skin cancer, identifying personal characteristics of patients with skin cancer, elaboration of an algorithm to determine a good control of the disease in the long term, estimation of skin cancer treatment costs.
The study comprises a total of 263 patients who benefited of surgical excision followed by a reconstructive procedure and other associated treatments based on histopathological diagnosis.
Taking into account costs per treated c…[more...]

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Age-Dependent Prevalence of Persistent Wheezing Phenotypes in Romanian Children

Marius Cornitescu, Gabriel Mircescu, Mariana Moiceanu, Eugenia Buzoianu, Andrei Zamfirescu, Marcel Plesca, Doina Anca Plesca

Presence of atopy is an essential element in the classification of childhood persistent wheezing. An association with specific periods of childhood has been described for wheezing phenotypes; however, differences in the prevalence of childhood wheezing phenotypes exist between differently developed regions of the world.
We studied the relationship of blood immune parameters and wheezing phenotype with age in 44 Romanian children with recurrent wheezing or asthma admitted during a 24 months interval in a children’s hospital either for investigations during stable respiratory state or for treatment during recurrence.
White blood cells c…[more...]

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The Benefit of Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy

Iulia Mihaela Iacob, Crenguţa Coman, Ruxandra Mihai, ragoş Zamfirescu, Șerban Dumitrache, Ioan Petre Florescu ,Carmen Giuglea

The objectives of the study: Mastectomy is a traumatic event in the life of a woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer, but it is necessary for her survival. The saving method for reaching body integrity is represented by breast reconstruction. The objective of the study was to emphasize the improvement of psycho-social and family lives of all women who underwent breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

Material and Methods: We performed a retrospective statistical study, that included 25 patients who benefited from breast reconstruction after oncologic mastectomy. There were employed various surgical techniques and the …[more...]

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