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Monday, December 10 2018 @ 06:39 EET

Split-thickness Skin Grafting in the Treatment of Surgically Operated Diabetic Foot. A Retrospective 2-Year Study (2010-2011)


Mihaela Vilcu, E. Catrina, T. Pătrașcu, Z. Filipovski, I. Brezean

Diabetes mellitus is a major health problem with significant impact on the quality of life, due to both its complications and comorbidities and due to the costs it generates. There is widespread agreement that the incidence of the disease has increased over the last years, both due to better population monitoring and improvements in diagnosing methods.

Thus, the number of cases of diabetes mellitus worldwide was 382 million in 2013 and the number is rising; there are 75 million cases of diabetes mellitus which go undiagnosed, as the majority of diabetic patients are discovered only when complications set in. (1)

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