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Monday, December 10 2018 @ 06:40 EET

The Use of NBI in Early Detection and Follow up of the Laryngeal Malignancies


R. Hainăroșie, O. Ceachir, Irina Ioniță, Cătălina Pietroșanu, Carmen Drăghici, Cristina Zamfir, Viorel Zainea

Laryngeal tumors are often discovered in advanced stages because the patients do not pay attention to early symptoms. Sometimes small tumors are difficult to see even if the surgeon performs a fiber optic exam that uses conventional white light. In the last years some technologies started to be used in order to help the surgeon to perform an early detection or to follow up de patient with laryngeal malignancies (1).

Early detection of laryngeal neoplasm is one of the most important factors for the success of the treatment. Visualizing abnormal modification at the follow up exam for patient with laryngeal cancer will help the surgeon to initiate the treatment for the recurrence. Some of technologies such as autofluorescence or video contact endoscopy started to be used for early detection of laryngeal malignancies (2,3).

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