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Sunday, November 18 2018 @ 04:51 EET

Cytostatic Therapy on Tumor Bearing Mice: Biochemical and Hematological Aspects

2016-01Laurentiu Anghelache, Bogdan Marinescu, Gheorghita Isvoranu, Dan Cringanu, Andrei Niculae, Ovidiu Bratu

The animals used in research as experimental models are selected for genetic, anatomical and physiological similarities. Rodents are the most representative experimental model; to emphasize this statement mice are used due to human DNA similarity (According to The Jackson Laboratory over 95% of the mouse genome is similar to our own, making mouse genetic research particularly applicable to human disease), simplicity in procurement, handling and short lifespan [1-3].

The purpose of this information is to help investigators who pursue an economical and efficient research that still allows the achievement of the study goals [4-7] [...]

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