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Saturday, November 17 2018 @ 05:38 EET

Crohn’s Disease or Intestinal Tuberculosis. A Diagnostic Challenge


Alina Constantin, Madalina Ilie, Daniela Tabacelia, Bogdan Popa, Gabriel Constantinescu, Radu Tincu, Radu Alexandru Macovei

TB usually affects the lungs but many other organs may be involved. Intestinal tuberculosis primarily involves the distal ileum and cecum, followed by the jejuno-ileum, colon and rectum. The development of strictures and fistulas mimic Crohn’s disease, and generalized colonic involvement mimics ulcerative colitis. A 42 year old patient was admitted to the Gastroenterology Department of Emergency Clinical Hospital Bucharest with a 3 months history of unintentional weight loss (15 kg), diarrhea (7-8 unformed stools per day), right iliac fossa pain, night sweats. He had a history of recent fungal esophagitis and antral gastritis. He denied prior contact with patients with tuberculosis and has no pets. [...]

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