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Wednesday, September 26 2018 @ 10:12 EEST

Adenocarcinoma of Duodenum - Case Report


Amelia Genunche-Dumitrescu, Daniela Badea, Mihail Badea, Paul Mitruț, Vlad Pădureanu, Aurelian Adrian Badea

Primary duodenal carcinoma represent 35-45% of all tumors in the small bowel but he has a small share in all gastro-intestinal tumors (0.35%) [1,2]. The most frequent type of tumor in the duodenum is the adenocarcinoma, but can observed other types of tumours such as lymphomas, carcinoid tumors, gastrinomas, leiomyo-sarcomas and stromal tumors [3]. The localization of the primary duodenal adenocarcinomas is in the first and second level of the duodenum, and 20% and 10% remain in the next two levels. [...]

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