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Wednesday, November 21 2018 @ 12:19 EET

Essential Aspects in Ensuring the Efficient Management of Ovarian Tumors in Children in Case of an Acute or Chronic Setting


Catalin Ion Chiriac-Babei, Andra Rusalim, Adham Charkaoui, Razvan Constantin Datu

Considering the unspecific signs and symptoms asso-ciated to ovarian tumors, a proper diagnostic procedure must be followed in order to establish the most suitable therapeutic approach. Furthermore, there is no correlation between the clinical presentation of the patient and the type of ovarian tumor which is causing it. Consequently, the imagistic examination of the patient is crucial in the diagnostic process, but it is not infallible. This study is attempting to emphasize the main differences between the imagistic features of the ovarian tumors compared to the ones discovered intraoperatively, as well as the associated conditions which could prevent getting a proper preoperative diagnosis. [...]

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