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Monday, December 10 2018 @ 07:04 EET

Posttraumatic Renal Artery Thrombosis


Mirela Tiglis, Ioana Cristina Grintescu, Mihaela Buiuc, Cristian Cobilinschi, Angela Popa, Tiberiu-Paul Neagu, Liliana Mirea, Ioana Marina Grințescu

Posttraumatic renal artery thrombosis is a very rare complication of abdominal trauma which occurs especially in young people, after car accidents, with an increasing incidence in the last few years. There are about 400 reported cases in the literature[1], meaning less than 0.08% of all reported abdominal traumas and being found in 1-4% of patients with renal damage[2]. [...]

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