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Wednesday, November 21 2018 @ 12:18 EET

Negative Prognostic Factors in Severe Burns - Implication for Clinical Outcome


Mihaela-Cristina Andrei, Andreea Grosu-Bularda, Oana Vermesan, Serban Arghir Popescu, Alexandra Chivu, Khalid Al-Falah, Luana Lazarescu, Tiberiu Paul Neagu, Ioan Lascar

Burn injuries are a major public health problem all over the world and despite significant improvements in critical care and surgical treatment, major burns are associated with high morbidity and mortality and poor recovery outcome. Patients with severe burns need immediate intervention and rapid initiation of speci-alized treatment in a dedicated critical care burn unit in order to minimize morbidity and mortality. The complex nature of burn injuries requires an integrative approach, by a multidisciplinary team in order to obta-in an optimal care. [...]

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