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Instructions for authors


The Journal "Modern Medicine - Medicina Moderna" publishes original articles of medical physiology and pathology, as clinical, laboratory, experimental, epidemiologic, etc. studies.

It is mandatory that all the articles sent for publishing to our Journal to not have been partially or integrally posted in other publications. The authors shall respect the principles of ethics and scientific truth in executing the study, attaining data and presenting the results.

Articles for publishing will be sent online at the address or by mail all the files for the text (MSWord) and for the images on CD, at the address: revista "Modern Medicine - Medicina Moderna", Str. Avram Iancu Nr.1, 024014, Bucharest, sector 2.

The manuscript format shall be A4, 2 row spacing, font 12 Times New Roman, in English. Each of the manuscripts shall be accompanied by a letter of intention on behalf of the authors, originally signed, that shall include the declaration that the article has not been simultaneously sent to other publications and that had not already been posted in a similar form in another publication.

The responsibility regarding the content of the article belongs exclusively to the authors. The texts sent for publishing shall be reviewed by 2 referents, with no knowledge of the authors. The reviewers’ recommendations shall be conveyed to the authors in order to modify or adjust the article (if necessary).

Should the article be approved for publication, the date of the issuing shall be communicated. Rejection of the article shall be motivated and sent in written to the authors. The unpublished manuscripts shall not be returned to the authors. The articles shall be signed by all the authors. All the authors shall sign a declaration regarding the conflict of interests and their contribution to the paper. First author shall collect all the declarations from the co-authors. The authors who agree on using their article in the Program for Continuing Medical Education online (, organized by the College of Physicians of Bucharest, are required to also send a set of 5 questions simple complement type (4 answer options, only 1 being correct).



The article title, in English, the complete name of the authors, academic degree, their affiliations, corresponding address and the key words - both in Romanian and English - of the article shall be mentioned on the title page. The financing sources of the study shall be mentioned (where applicable).

The summary - both in English and Romanian - shall be up to 200 words. The summary shall include the following subtitles: the objectives of the study, used methodology, and the conclusions of the study.

The manuscript text shall not exceed 12 pages for original studies or general essay and 5 pages for case presentations. The abbreviations shall be defined on their first use. For the denominations of drugs or other substances used within the studies international common denominations shall be used. The devices utilized in studies shall be presented under their commercial name, specifying the producer. The occasional thanks for collaboration shall be inserted at the end of the paper.

Bibliography shall be numbered with Arabic numerals in ascending order of their occurrence, where they shall be noted superscript. The bibliographical references shall comprise the name of the authors, the complete title of the article, the journal, year of publishing, the volume and the pages. The abbreviation of the journal name shall be the one used in Index Medicus. We recommend using actual bibliographic references. We also recommend quoting Romanian bibliographic references, and should the authors already published in "Modern Medicine - Medicina Moderna", we recommend quoting those publications as well.

The quality of the images has to be excellent in order to allow the accurate reproduction. The images shall not be inserted into the manuscript, but presented separately. Electronically, each image shall be sent separately, as image file (JPG, TIFF etc.). Each image shall have a legend. The images shall be numbered with Arabic numerals in ascending order of their occurrence. The number of the referred image shall be inserted into the text between round brackets (E.g.: Fig. 3). If needed, the brackets shall contain also the bibliographical source of the image, which shall be followed by the corresponding number in bibliography. If photographs of persons are used, the subjects must not be identifiable, or their pictures must be accompanied by written permission to use the photograph. The images will be published coloured.

Tables shall be numbered with Arabic numerals in ascending order of their occurrence and shall be accompanied by a concise title of the table and possible explanations. The abbreviations used in tables shall be specified. If needed, the bibliographical source of the table shall be specified within brackets.


The manuscripts and their electronic support can be sent by mail on CD only or by e-mail as at

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